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API Interface

The API Interface is a representation of the Paradox API designed to detail available requests, their associated parameters and their expected responses. You can view it from the Admin Panel.

All API requests are listed under their associated group.

In order to access restricted API requests, there must be a Session Token set. To set a token, you must have a valid account with the required username and password or an API token. Click on the Login button on the top right of the screen and enter your username and password or provide an API token. After you click the Login button, a login request will be made to the API to retrieve a valid Session token. This token will then be used to validate all API requests you wish to make in that session.

To make a request to the API, click on a group. The group will expand to list the requests available. Click again on the desired request. A panel will expand detailing the request details.

  • The Response body, if any, will be displayed first alongside the response Content-type.
  • The Request parameters, required and/or optional, are detailed next, along with the request Content-type, if required.
  • Expected Response Messages are then listed out.
  • To make the request, fill in the required parameters. If the request body is detailed, clicking on the body in the Model window will pre-populate the parameter window with the body.
  • Once all required parameters have been set, clicking on the Try it Out button will execute the request.
  • Four panels will appear below the button:
    • The first displays the full Request URL.
    • The second details the Response Body.
    • The third details the Response Code.
    • The fourth details the Response Headers.
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