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IAB Transparency & Consent Framework TCF v2.0

Paradox provides support for Publishers integrated with TCF v2.0 approved Consent Management Platforms (CMP). As long as the Publisher’s Ad Server is also a TCF v2.0 approved vendor, then our Ad Server will respect the end user’s choices when it comes to cookie and data consent. The Publisher simply integrates their site with a CMP and our Ad Server does the rest through automatically detecting if the site is working with a CMP. From there the Ad Server understands the end users choices on consent and serves ads accordingly.

To find out whether a third-party CMP provider is TCF v2.0 compliant or not, you can look into the CMP list provided by IAB Europe.

Note: TCF v2.0 support is only available for Zones set up using Asynchronous scripts.

Some Consent Management Platforms for consideration:

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