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Internal Campaigns

Note: This feature is only available to users with SaaS features enabled on their account.

Standard vs internal campaigns

Publishers can now create ‘internal’ campaigns that run only on their own websites. Any revenue generated by these campaigns will show in the Statistics tabs, but Publishers will not receive payment for them.

As a publisher, you can use this feature to run campaigns promoting internal offers or those from a third-party advertiser that you deal with directly.

How internal campaigns work

  • Internal campaigns can only run on ad zones using the same account they are created on.
  • Though revenue generated by internal campaigns will show in the Statistics tabs, no payments will be made to the Publisher for them. In the same way, there is also no cost for running them.
  • The revenue from internal campaigns will not show in the Advertiser or Publisher Payments tabs.
  • Minimum prices will not apply to internal campaigns and revenue share does not apply to them. Publishers will always get 100% of their value.

Creating an internal campaign

  • As a Publisher, to create an internal campaign, change to Advertiser and click on New Campaign. In Step 1: General of creating a campaign, choose between a Standard Campaign and an Internal Campaign.
  • If you choose to create Internal Campaigns, you will be able to choose from all the options that an advanced user would have, including creating RTB campaigns. From the Campaign Type drop-down, choose which type of internal campaign you wish to run:
Campaign Types

Campaign Types

When creating an internal campaign there are also various campaign types that you can choose from. Find out more about them here.

Statistics for internal and external campaigns

Standard and internal filter

Standard vs Internal Filter

In the Advertiser Statistics tab, you can filter by Standard or Internal campaigns using the filter at the top.

Ad Exchange Statistics

Standard vs Internal Filter

You can see statistics for Exchange campaigns in the Advertiser/Publisher Statistics.

In the Ad Exchange sub-tab, you will see a pie chart showing statistics for your campaigns broken down by the Ad Exchange that they use.

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