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Checking your funds and spending

To manage and monitor your funds and spending, click on the Payments tab.

Making a payment in the Payments tab

In the Make a payment panel at the top of the tab, you will see the available payment options for your network. You may see PayPalWire Transfer, and Cryptocurrency options here if they are available. The, PayPal, and Cryptocurrency options are integrated into our system, so we are notified instantly that you have made a payment.

Viewing your payments

In the bottom section of the Payments tab, you can see all the payments that you have made each month.

Using the Date Range drop-down, you can choose how many months you wish to view in the list. Choose View All to see all months, or choose to see only the last 3 Months, last 6 MonthsThis Year, or Last Year.

For each invoice in the list, you can see the Opening Balance, which shows you the balance at the start of the month covered by the invoice.

Using the arrows at the top of each column you can sort your invoices by Invoice DatePayment DateDate FundedAmount (original currency), Balance AmountStatus, and Type.

Downloading and printing PDFs of your invoices

To download or print PDFs of your invoices, click on the Total on the right side of the screen, and then click the View button.

You will then see a PDF of the invoice. Click DOWNLOAD PDF to save a copy to your computer and click PRINT to print it.

Available Payment types



If you select PayPal to make a payment, you can choose whether to do it automatically or manually.

Paypal Auto Recharge:

This option will automatically top up your balance by the chosen amount when it falls below a set amount of units of currency (Dollars or Euros).

PayPal Manual Recharge

Select an amount to top up your account by.  

Wire Transfer


Here you can send us a notification that you have sent a wire transfer payment. Fill in Sender NameAmount, and Currency. When you add the details, a proforma will be created for you. When funds reach us, it will automatically be changed to an invoice.  


Circle Payment

Here you can send us a notification that you are about to send a USDC crypto payment to the blockchain address provided. Fill in the required Amount and click the SEND NOTIFICATION button. Once done, a proforma will be created. When the funds reach us, the proforma will automatically be changed to an invoice and the funds added to the your account. Funds will be converted from USDC to the currency you originally selected when setting up your Admin Panel.

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