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Publisher Referral Program

Paradox provides an opportunity to earn extra revenue through referrals.​

How does it work?

​As a Publisher, click the “Referral” tab on your admin panel as seen below.

Referral Program

You have several options:

  • Use your customised Direct Signup link and hyperlink it to the text within your website.
  • Add a banner to your site using the code we provide which will take your visitors directly to our main website.
  • Still using a banner but replacing the “https:” with your Direct Signup link instead.

​On the referral tab you will see multiple banner options and sizes to fit with the style of your own site. Go ahead and give it a try!​​

How do I make referral earnings?

​For every new Publisher that signs up and is receiving payments, you will receive a certain percentage of the revenue generated by each new approved Publisher, as long as they remain active. The number of referrals for which you will receive revenue is listed under “Active” in the Your clients section as shown below

Referral Program​”Inactive or Active” referrals are accounts that are currently in an inactive (pending or archived) state.​

Note: The referral program is for Publishers wanting to bring other Publishers to us. We currently do not have a referral program for referring Advertisers!

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