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Responsive Display Ads

Responsive Display Ads

The Responsive Display Ads are a combination of visual and textual elements, that can be used as an alternative for our standard banner ads. These Ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit the allocated banner ad space. This is a great source for digital marketers to run their ad campaigns. The publisher can enable this setting to optimize the performance of ad zones with increased ad inventory for both desktop and mobile formats.

By default, this feature is configured off on all Ad Servers. Please contact your Paradox representative to enable Responsive Display Ads for your Ad Server.

Responsive Display Ads



Responsive Display Ads
  • As an Advertiser, while creating Native Ad and Push Notification campaigns there is a Responsive Display Ads checkbox on step 5 of campaign setup.
  • Checking this box will extend the reach of your campaign to include banner zones that are enabled for Responsive Display Ads. Essentially using content from your Native or Push Notification campaign and then serving the ad to responsively display within the allocated banner zone.
  • By default this checkbox is enabled.


Responsive Display Ads
  • The Publishers will see a new setting called Responsive Display Ads in the admin panel while creating Banners and Mobile Banners.
  • Switching on this setting opens up banner zones to demand from Native Ad and Push Notification campaigns. These campaigns are then added to the bidding auction for these zones. The content from winning Native and Push Notification campaigns are then served to responsively display within the allocated banner zone.

Setting up a Responsive Display Ads on the Admin Panel

  • To use this Responsive Display Ads, from the main screen of the Admin Panel, click on New Zone and select either Banner or Mobile Banner. On the new zone creation page, you can see this new on/off switch.
  • This setting will be enabled by default for all the existing zones in the account.
  • The publisher can also turn off the setting in the admin panel.
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