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Third Party Ad-Serving

If HTML & Iframe is enabled for an account, one can create HTML Campaigns, which uses an iFrame or HTML5 or a script for its content instead of an image.

In Step 2: Ads of the campaign form, you can choose HTML Tags and using the +Ad Variations button paste the ad tag to use in the campaign.


Click URL

As HTML Campaigns are served through a third party server, they need to use an extra parameter named {click_url} to register conversions and clicks. This parameter needs to be implemented in two places in order to work: In the Ad tag itself and in the host page that generates the HTML banner.

Step 1: Ad tag

Add the {click_url} to the ad tag as in this example:

<body style="margin: 0px"><iframe id='a628d52a' name='a628d52a' src='{conversions_tracking}&click_url={click_url}' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' width='300' height='250'></iframe></body>

Step 2: Host Page

On the host page (whether it uses PHP or any other programming language), you need to add 2 things:

  • The click_url:
  • The tracker for server to server tracking

A: PHP example (to be added at the beginning of the page)

GET the variables from the iFrame (HTML):

$tag_tracker = isset($_GET['tag']) ? $_GET['tag'] : '';
$click_url = isset($_GET['click_url']) ? $_GET['click_url'] : '';

B: Link Code

Add the click_url and tracker to the link code that wraps the HTML banner:

<a target="_blank" href='<?php echo $click_url ?><?php echo $tag_tracker ?>' >

Step 3: Final Result

The final result of the link should be:


Our server will then automatically remove the {click_URL} value and redirect the visitor to the page.

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