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XML Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<VAST version="3.0">
    <Ad id="1111111">
            <Impression id="exotr">
                <Creative sequence="1" id="12345">
                    <Linear skipoffset="00:00:02">
                            <Tracking id="prog_1" event="progress" offset="00:00:10.000">
                            <MediaFile delivery="progressive" type="video/mp4">
                        <MobileText>View More</MobileText>
                        <PCText>View More</PCText>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>XML prolog with defined version and encoding.
AdAd’s root element that represents a single ad. It contains all of the information necessary for the video player to display and track the Ad creative. Paradox currently supports one ad per VAST response since that is a common practice. Ad “id” attribute represents the bidding campaign id.
InLineElement that contains all the files and URIs necessary to play and track the ad.
AdSystemElement that contains descriptive name for the system that serves the ad, which every ad serving party must provide.
AdTitleNot provided.
ImpressionElement that contains impression tracking URI for the ad. Impression id attribute represents ad server id for the impression.
ErrorElement that contains a URI that the player uses to notify the ad server when errors occur with ad playback. If the URI contains an [ERRORCODE] macro, the video player must populate the macro with an error code.
CreativesContainer element for one or more <Creative> element used to provide creative files for the ad. For an InLine ad, the <Creatives> element nests all the files necessary for executing and tracking the ad.
CreativeEach element contains nested elements that describe the type of ad being served using nested sub-elements for Linear or NonLinear Ads. Paradox provides only one <Creative> element per VAST response. Creative sequence attribute represents sequence, so for a single creative value, the “sequence” will be 1. Paradox Creative id attribute represents winning creative id.
LinearSets the video-formatted ads that play linearly within the streaming content, meaning before the streaming content, during a break, or after the streaming content. A Linear creative has to contain at minimum, <Duration> element to communicate the intended runtime and a <MediaFiles> element used to provide the needed video files for ad execution. Paradox also provides TrackingEventsVideoClicks and Icons (optional). Linear skipoffset attribute identifies when skip controls are made available to the end user.
DurationElement to denote the intended playback duration for the Linear component of the ad. Time value may is in the format HH:MM:SS.
MediaFilesContainer element for one or more <MediaFile> elements, each of which contains a CDATA wrapped URI to the media file to be downloaded or streamed for the Linear creative. Linear creative are typically video files, but static images may also be used. Paradox supports only a single MediaFile and no cross device or different bitrate MediaFile are supported.
MediaFileElement contains URI to media file being served. MediaFile delivery attribute – either progressive for progressive download protocols (such as HTTP) or streaming for streaming protocols. MediaFile type attribute – MIME type for the file container, such as video/mp4 for MP4.
VideoClicksElement which is used to specify what the video player should do if the user clicks directly within the video player frame while the ad is being displayed. When a <VideoClicks> element is provided, it contains a single child <ClickThrough> element with URI (or <ClickTracking> in case of Wrapper).
ClickThroughIs a click URI that redirects to the advertiser’s site when the Ad viewer clicks the ad. The clickthrough is only available in the InLine format and is used when the linear ad unit cannot handle a clickthrough.
TrackingEventsElement used to send tracking information back to the ad server. The <TrackingEvents> element may contain one or more <Tracking> elements. An event attribute for the <Tracking> element enables ad server to include individual tracking URIs for events they want to track. Tracking “event” attribute – Paradox is prepared for impressionprogresscomplete, but in most cases only progress is returned. Tracking offset attribute – when the progress of the linear creative has matched the value specified, the included URI is triggered. If the duration is not known when the offset is set to a percentage value, the progress event may be ignored.
IconsUsed for posting an icon with the linear ad. Paradox provides only a single Icon under Icons. It can be disabled by setting imp.ext.icons_support = 0 in the RTB request.
IconElement containing <IconClicks> element.
IconCLicksElement used to load an informational page in a new window as well as track when users clicks in the ad.
IconClickThroughElement contains URI to the information page. The video player must load this page in a new window when the user clicks the icon.
ExtensionsElement used for custom extensions, defined by the ad server. It must contain <Extension> element.
ExtensionElement use for each custom feature
TitleCTACustom element to support CTA, it has following elements: <MobileText><PCText><DisplayUrl><Tracking>.
MobileText/PCTextElements contains CTA text such as View More or Subscribe Now.
DisplayUrlOptional friendly domain.
TrackingClick tracking URI. On Paradox it can be disabled by setting sending imp.ext.video_cta = 0 in the RTB request.
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